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The Boardwalk Board Game Lounge will be Peterborough’s Place to Play. Complimenting an already rich downtown area, The Boardwalk will be a uniquely Peterborough answer to Board Game cafés and lounges popping up across Canada and around the world. After paying a small cover fee students, families, couples, and friends will be welcomed in and granted access to a Board Game collection boasting over 200 titles. During your entire stay our team will take care of you whether that means teaching you to play a game, or bringing you a snack or drink. We will also have a retail section featuring some of the games you tried.


The Boardwalk Story

Two brothers who grew up playing board games are here to share that love with you. We aim to create comfortable spaces for people to come together, get to know each other, and have some good old fashion fun. While we work to open the doors to our own little cafe, we have been striking partnerships with other local businesses, borrowing their locations to host a variety of events all focused on card, dice, and board games.

Come Play With Us!

Can’t wait for the Boardwalk to open?
Us neither.
We’re partnering with local businesses to give Peterborough a place to play now.
Check out some of the following events!

  • Friday, November 24th – Sweet Sprits
  • Saturday, November 25th – Dodrio Bubble Tea Cafe
  • Thursday, November 30th – Tiny Greens